Feature Request - Integrate native PowerShell to ITSM Procedures

Python is fine and all, but we need to have the ability to create native PowerShell or CMDs rather than working with escape keys and wrapping Python around the commands. Almost all RMM tools we’ve seen have seen can do this. I don’t know of many Windows server admins that know Python that well - but PowerShell on the other hand…


We understand that you are in need of these capabilities. We appreciate your suggestion and indeed we will make sure to have this idea forwarded to our Product Developers and inform you once these functionalities have come to fruition. For future Requests, you can log in to https://one.comodo.com/voting/index.php (using your C1 credentials) and get news on functionalities currently voted by other MSPs.

Well, that’s what I did - I clicked ‘New Feature Request,’ and it brought me to this group on the forum…

@maximillianx ,

Yes, you will be directed to the forum page. Our Product Development team monitors Feature Request as well from time to time and has direct communication with other Developers. This assigns a more clarification in engaging Features, Improvements, bug fixes etc.