FEATURE REQUEST - Integration with PC Repair Tracker (PCRT)


In our workshop we use PC Repair Tracker (www.pcrepairtracker.com) to book in machines and keep logs of repair work etc like a lot of the companies on here. What would be great is if Comodo One (specifically the ITSM part of it) could integrate with this software.

The type of integration could be as simple as automatically filling out fields within PCRT like Windows Version, processor, RAM etc all information already stored within Comodo One about customer assets.

There are a number of programs that already integrate with PCRT in exactly this way to fill out information on the asset.

There are probably some other cool ways that Comodo One could integrate with PCRT as well to automate a few of the other processes.

Hello @matthell ,

We actually need to check this feature request with our developers and we will get in touch with you
through email.

Thank you!

Really would like to second this. I am very interested in PCRT Integration.

Seconded from another PCRT user.

Hi @xtekitarian and @originalscan, the request to integration with PC Repair Tracker (PCRT) currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline: Mid-Term (6 to 12 months). We will contact you as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate. Thank you for your patience.

Excellent !

Feature I was looking for was to have the Ticketing integrate with the PCRT to generate service request.

How is this feature traveling? its exactly what I need

Hello @Taztec , We have informed our ITarian Team to review this and contact you as quickly as possible.

Hello guys, thank you for this request and I am happy to announce that we add this feature to our roadmap and you will be able to use it with our coming release.

Why not use the ITarian Service Desk application which is very powerful and had original origins from osTicket 1.8.

If you use the service desk you can get the RMM to integrate into it and much more!
The thing I would say it please people suggest the missing features of service desk that is making them use alternatives like PCRT so this can be improved.