Feature Request - ITRC - Remote Device in Session Indicator

It would be very useful if each support agent’s ITRC screen would indicate that a device is already being controlled by another agent and also give admins the ability to disconnect the remote session. Occasionally an agent will forget to disconnect (but have locked their own local workstation, of course!) or a tech working on site will have a session open, locking other agents out.

Alternatively, have the device show an Accept/Deny pop-up to the connected agent with the name of the other tech trying to connect and be able to connect once that times out - the same functionality given for remote control sessions with end user devices.

That’s not what I am asking - sorry if I wasn’t clear.

f another tech is using ITRC on an EndPoint and I try and connect to the same EP, I will get a device takeover failed/device busy error in ITRC because we can’t have two simultaneous remote connections.

@amcssit ,

Thank you for clarifying. You are correct. Since our remote tool only handles single connections as of the moment. We’ll get this improvement request forwarded to our product team for analysis and inform you of its progress once made available.