Feature Request - Manually Create Device Groups

Requesting the ability to create Device Groups not associated with a Customer for the purpose of managing assigned policies.

I have a specific situation where I manage Acronis endpoints. Some of those endpoints will have the Acronis Managed Machine Service stop for no apparent reason. I have been logging into the machine and manually running a procedure created to start the service. Today I created a monitor on the service and linked it to the procedure. I would like a way to create a Device Group, assign the Policy and add all devices running Acronis.

Is this a possibility?

Alternatively, an option to search and bulk assign policies to devices would suffice.

You can actually create a specific profile that would contain the said procedure. And then just associate that profile to a specific group.


I hope this helps you out.

Actually that does not help. The issue is I want to create a new device group not associated with a client.

For example:
Device group: Backup Management
Devices: Client 1 server, client 2 server, client 3 server, client 4 server, client 5 workstation

Policy: monitor on the backup service
Then assign the profile to the new group.

… I guess I could create a group under my company group to do the job. Will try that approach for now.

Update: that works. Will just create global groups under my company group for all clients and assign profiles to them.

We are glad to hear that.