FEATURE REQUEST: Printer Management/Deployment

We are hoping to move away from an AD environment and switch to Office/Microsoft 365 endpoint enrolment (currently we are in a Hybrid Azure/Intune setup co-existing with AD). In that process we have resolved many of the obstacles surrounding managing devices through Microsoft/Office 365 and their device management solution, however, printers always seem to be a problem.
Companies such as Printer Logic have a nitch in managing and deploying printers without the need of print servers but direct IP printing and a local agent and the client-side
This product (Printer Cloud) is a very useful tool although expensive to own at about 3-7$ per device depending on how many clients you have. That is very difficult to “sell” to a client.
Since we already have an agent or endpoint program, I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to incorporate printer management into the Itarian product.
This would be very useful for managing and configuring printers, along with a separate device category/config to access printer config and firmware updates, etc…

If anyone else here has already been “managing” printers with te endpoint manager I would be interested in your experience.

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I’m also in desperate need of something like this.

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Thank you for the update. As more people leverage “the cloud” for managing devices/endpoints they also tend to find moving to such products becomes difficult because critical legacy systems get left behind. Take printing, for example, this area of administration has long ago gotten lost in the “shuffle” when it comes to being supported by many products and services. I find myself and countless others caught in the “printer hell” that exists in “if only” I could reality.
There are several companies that offer “so away with print servers” solutions but frankly, they are all way to expensive, and although they work well, once the proposal ink is dry and it lands on the desk of those who ultimately decide to a “adopt” another financial hungry subscription service it quickly dies on the “try it for free” table of software. So close but yet so far away.
I digress only to emphasize the need for a serverless, printing solution that can be incorporated into an existing product, one that already is designed to provide endpoint management, that both have traction and support from a large community, not to mention that a group that understand the hurdles that accompany trying to manage large numbers of endpoints.
I am very pleased that this feature, in particular, has made it at least to the table for consideration.

I’m terribly sorry for posting here but I want to say thanks to you because your posts really helped me out, I appreciate it

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Anyway woudn’t it be more userful if the answers from itarian team would be posted here on the forum instead of privatly sent via email? Maybe there is a reason I don’t understand, thanks,

I agree with that, they should be more transparent with replies and answers to questions, often only one person asks, but many thought the same or wanted to ask the same thing.