FEATURE REQUEST - Scheduled Tasks

Just like we have monitoring and reporting for patches and device resource utiliations/etc. It would be very helpful to be able to see the scheduled tasks and reporting of success/failure/success with exceptions and so forth including Windows Backup and Restore (Win 7 and 10) and File and Folder History too for that matter (Win 8.X). I would further say that being able to execute the scheduled task on demand would be useful as well. Nice to see if defrag is working or weekly system images are in good standings.

Be helpful if we could extend this to the profile monitoring as well to report when failed on last run so we can see to check them.

Thank You.

@azon2111 I have good news for you :slight_smile:

You are already aware that with this new release, you already get the procedures so that you can automate any task.

You can also add “Procudure” section to any of your profiles and schedule those procedures you created under profile. You would be able to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, as many as you need and as frequent as you need.

If procedures failed to run, we are already acting according to “Alert” option defined for that procedure. Success option is not creating alert but you can see the details of the result under device details - Procedure logs - details…

Please check these out and let us know if you need anything else.


Many of my machines are offline at any given time (2/3 is common) so, instead of alerts, why not mimic Windows’ Scheduled Tasks options and allow for “If missed, run at next opportunity”?

I don’t want to be flooded with alerts just because my clients are not on the same schedule as other clients.

Hello @PromptCare ,

Just to make sure that we understand correctly your request, you would like that ITSM procedures scheduling should mimic Windows Task Scheduler (“If missed, run at next opportunity”)?

@PromptCare agree, but it might not suit to everyone. I think it should an additional option during scheduling.


It would be really nice if the scheduled procedures were able to return a value that is saved somewhere in C1 and be able to make a custom chart for. So say you may a procedure to check the status of one of the above mention things (Backup, File history, etc) and be able to put it into a dashboard chart for easy reporting at a glance

And +1 for “run if schedule is missed” so that it will run the next time the computer is powered up, I have a few that may be off for a week or on at random times so rather hard to work out a good schedule for that

Hello @dougaust ,

Thank you for the feedback. We have contacted you by email regarding this.

I just had a look in C1 and while I have a schedule tab on a procedure I don’t appear to have any other options to be able to set a schedule in anyway, do I not do that from the procedures page?

Hello @dougaust ,

As Ilker mentioned, you can add the “Procedure” section to any of your profiles and schedule those procedures you created from there. The “Procedure” page allows you to create, approve new procedures that are to be used under the ITSM Profiles.

Ah, thanks yes I see it now. If schedule is set as none will that run once?

Yes. It means you are just scheduling it to run once in some future timestamp.

ok great, but I also assume that it will be at the defined time rather than run when the computer is on next

Correct, you are selecting that time from “Scheduled Time” section.


That is correct, it will depend on the availability of the computer where this is applied to.

Exactly. Most of my clients are residentials and, at any given moment, 1/3 of them are offline.

Right - hence the use of the word “option”.

Hello @PromptCare ,

We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of the feature that you have requested is scheduled to be included in our upcoming release due on Q1 2017.

We appreciate your patience and your understanding in this matter!