Feature Request - Scripts - Default Parametern Lists

Could the ability to create a pick-list of default choices with a description alongside each one for script parameters be added?

For example, we have a script to reboot an EP and add the restart Reason Code to the shutdown so it appears in the Event Logs. It would be very useful if the default parameters enabled us to create and then choose from several options so we could pick the restart Reason Code from the list. For example:

Parameter Choice Description
U:0:5 Other Failure: System Unresponsive
P:1:1 Hardware Maintenance (Planned)
P:2:4 Operating System: Reconfiguration (Planned)
P:4:2 Application: Installation (Planned)
E:4:5 Application: Unresponsive

This would also be useful for sending canned messages to end users, picking from commonly used Run or Powershell Commands and the like.

We will forward your suggestion, @amcssit to the script developers for further analysis if it is something doable with the current build or something that would require a redesign at the backend (feature request). Thank you!

@amcssit ,

We have sent a response over the support ticket in regards to your query. Please let us know if the presented process by our Scripts Team suffices your request.

The response received looks very promising. Can you post it here so others can see it too?

@amcssit ,

Please refer to the attached updated script for default parameters.

20190618-paramn.json (2.82 KB)