Feature Request - Vote for your features

Here is the list of requested features and votes.


Vote for features you want so that we can prioritize it for you…or add new feature requests!

If we are registered on the US server do we need to also register on the European one to access this poll?

The Voting page is outdated @kw00. A new one (with respect to ITarian) will be set up in the near future. More details will become available once it goes live.

For the mean time, you can simply post here in the forums if you have any suggestions / improvements that you want to get implemented in the ITarian platform.

@Rick_C Any update on the new feature request page?

@inspiratechnologygro ,

Please try
https://us.itarian.com/voting/login.php for us.itarian.com hosted accounts
https://www.itarian.com/voting/login.php for Itarian.com hosted accounts

same credentials can be used

Thanks @Jimmy, that appears to have worked. Although the site doesn’t look to be that active. Some of the items have a large number of votes but there hasn’t been any activity for over 2 years. Can you advise whether or not this is still actively looked at?

@inspiratechnologygro ,

I believe you are correct. Still limited with 5 votes and less updated. There was a request before to make the roadmap a little more public. I believe we still have an open discussion on this thread

@Jimmy, thanks for the link!

Could you let me know when the next roadmap update will be released? This one only runs until the end of Jan 2020.

Many thanks

@inspiratechnologygro ,

You can simply post a reply to the above-mentioned thread and tag our Product Team and request for an update.