Feature Request

I’d like to see a FAQ based on Company so we can have client specific information in the FAQ

you mean ability to mix and match FAQs based on clients?

I’d expand on this. I would like for a nice central place/platform where we can document. Documentation is fundamental for almost everything and I would love to see a platform where you can create internal and external documentation for various items. You have needs of vendor lists, contact lists, network topology, software lists, configurations and so forth.

Agreed. Yes I was referring to the ability to select what client has access to topics. I want to be able to restrict access to company specific information. For example, I like to have topics that contain names of designated points of contact, email set-up instructions with domain specific instructions, etc.

Great feedback. We need to address this need on product.


I second this and would further add that the “Create KB” option from the ticketing window allow for the KB to be marked up/ editable in that we might want some of the info from the ticket but not the entire string of stuff. And being able to compartmentalize for internal (based on ACL roles (which I assume is going to be editable at some point as of right now you pick from 3 and that’s it)) use and then external where it’s global, client specific, user role specific (and client can be combined so you can give say a specific client managers access to things that the rest of the workers with that client don’t have access to). I would also like to see a “folder/directory” style structure to this so it can be organized into logical groupings that makes sense to each MSP.

I would also love to see this integrate somehow into the client info as well so you aren’t going everywhere to get to previous tickets or notes or FAQs for that client. I would say be aware that this is just as much about Customer Relationship Management as it is IT Management for MSPs/ITaaS providers.

Let me try to summarize this to see if I got it correct:

  1. Enable/disable access to Knowledge Base topics / folders based on Role, Internal and External user, Company etc…
  2. Show possible KB entries per customer when editing the ticket

are these correct?

Not sure I understand #2. I was referring to the ability to make a ticket a KB article but you have to include the whole ticket not just pieces of the ticket, such that the solution to the problem might be a single paragraph of text along with a file download. Not the whole string of texting that goes on in a ticket.

For #2, you already have the ability to convert a ticket to KB article with one click. It shows the whole ticket content including the responses with editing ability. In this case, you can customize it for good. So, do you need anything else? any improvements?

Yes #1 is very important to us.

I see. Thank you.

I think this topic belongs to Service Desk board, so I will move it there.

You have the ability to make a topic or KB article public or internal. The screen shot is for the category, but you also have the same option in the FAQ item.


Just thinking out loud here, but some of the discription for public and private KB would play well into a CRM integration (say SuiteCRM) could we have some API’s made available for such?

Something like this.

A place where the technicians can have the IT documentation and also an encrypted place for passwords and so on would be really cool.

Well, I don’t wan’t to integrate ITGlue, I want ComodoGlue! :D:D

@Noiden ,

Wonderful Suggestion!

@melih you know what im thinking…

The KB on ServiceDesk is OK, but it is simple and when I tested it about 6 months the public part did not work.

Is there any update on Slack integrations? We’re past Q4 2017 now, so is it ready for launch?

Hello @c1_n00b,

The planned release for ITSM integration with ITGlue and Slack is moved to 2019Q4. Thank you

Ha ha. Moved back 2 years! This is the second feature that we’ve been advised is planned for Q4 2019 - supporting Windows Core (non-GUI) server installs was the other. Do you publish a road map for releases somewhere so that we can see what is in plans between now then?