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I understand that C1 is geared towards business with an AD. Currently most of my clients are individuals. Is there a way C1 could be configured so that individuals can self register (name, address phone number. email, devices model, name, and sn) and then choose the device type client to install so that the devices will be tied a person) This will save a lot of time enrolling clients ( I have a pending opportunity with several hundred residential client). Or is there another way we can connect devices to a person? Any advise on how we can better manage individuals or residential customers will be great appreciated.

@ccbutler ,

We understand the idea that you are proposing. We will forward your request to our Product Development team and provide you an email notification of its update.

Hi @ccbutler

You can always generate user in advance (https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10125-Create-New-User-Accounts.html) and send them ( https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10126-Enroll-User-Devices-for-Management.html ) the self-enrollment instructions as email. They will follow the enrollment instructions and their devices would be marked with the proper owner information.

Alternatively, you can provide them a general enrollment link and then you can assign the devices to the right user later by changing the owner ( https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-10451-Change-a-Devices-Owner.html ) .

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