[February] What's New on Remote Monitoring and Management?

We are excited to inform you that we are planning to have new releases over Comodo ONE and ITarian on Saturday (2019-02-16) morning! The release is expected to take 4 hours to deploy, during which time Comodo ONE and ITarian will be in maintenance mode.

New Features

  • ​Network Management
We are proud to announce the addition of a brand new section for network management. The first feature in the new section is ‘Network Discovery’, and we’ll be adding many more network capabilities in upcoming releases.

Network Discovery:

  • Discover devices from the probe device you select
  • Add new IP ranges for discovery
  • Add exclusions for IP ranges
  • Set SNMP v1.2 to discover network devices
  • Get alerts and logs when items are discovered
  • Easily view discovered devices in ‘Device List’ > ‘Discovered Devices’.
  • Custom scripts failures for monitoring With this release, custom scripts monitors could be setup by ability to select the trigger for script failures.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of high CPU consumption of monitors.
  • Fixed the issue of repeating service crash of monitors for some customers