After using this for an evening it is clear that it is not ready for any sort of production environment but is making its way there!

Somethings I noticed that should have immediate attention.

  1. SINGLE SIGN ON! - This product will go no where if you have to sign into modules and open new tabs all the time. Get it in one window and keep each module there.
  2. RMM in web is a must. I am not going to download the console on each computer I happen to be sitting at that day to work with it.
  3. Staff users not syncing on any product. I added on in the ONE Portal, Never showed up in service desk, RMM or patch management.
  4. Company/Site not syncing between RMM console and ONE portal or Patch module

These are probably my biggest issue points at the moment.

And lack of documentation.

Keep the feedback coming guys. MSP Consortium is about having the development resources available to MSPs so that we can get the exact product we want. The more feedback the better. We will take all this feedback in our “Technical Committes” section and turn it into requirements and get the developers develop it. Thank you for taking part, this is going to help all of the MSP community in a big way!
keep it coming!!

Hi Azon,

Thanks for the feedback.

  1. all modules uses the same credentials (SSO) and you shouldn’t be required to enter the credentials again if your session is still live. We know that there is a bug on RMM module and it will be fixed.
  2. Yes, this is one of the top rated request. We already start working on this and will release when ready.
  3. This sounds like a bug. Do you mind sharing your company name, email and time stamp for us to check?
  4. Company should be in sync as well. We can check if you can provide the info on number 3.
  5. We are working on these and releasing new guides constantly. will be more then enough soon :slight_smile:

zbxtech Are you using a current RMM/PSA solution? If so which one please?

Currently running N-Able NCENTRAL