Fetching email not working IMAP / POP / FWD

Good afternoon everyone,

This week I started using Itarian in my company, but to my surprise the email fetching function stopped working. Until last week everything was working perfectly, but this week it stopped.

I already checked the “Email fetching” checkbox in Service Desk, and also validated the email settings for sending and receiving. The sending of emails is being carried out perfectly.

To check if it could be a misconfiguration, I created a new Itarian account, and even in this new account the error persists, pointing to a probable generalized error.

As I am with the production environment with my clients, this situation is critical and hurting me a lot, because during the day we received many emails.

Could someone please support me?

Vinicius Andrade

I am also having the same issue. please alert me when fixed.

Hi @driveit2
Your concern is already being handled in the support ticket you sent to us earlier. Rest assured that we will resolve your concern at the soonest time possible. We appreciate your patience on the matter.