Few questions about cdome

Hi All,

Just setting up a test environment to work how how dome works but I have a few issues,

  1. I have set up my home network and its showing as pending is this normal?, it is a dynamic address but I use NoIP and have put in the domain name which appears to be currently pointing to the correct IP
  2. Is there a roaming option for an idevice or do I need to manually configure the DNS on it for each network?
  3. Is there a way to target a policy to a specific network? so say I have several networks that need different policies is there a way to filter what applies where? (Also being able to set something to apply all networks like security related blocks)
  4. Is there a test page that is set up to show if the device is correctly configured and a test block page?



  1. To protect our customers, we put a validation step while adding a different IP that currently connect to our application. This is the reason for pending state. For dynamic IP, we put this step also.
  2. Roaming is supported via our endpoint clients, with this you do not have to configure dns, it is mandated automatically.
  3. In Shield, we define policies to consist of security and category rules, and you can apply different policy for each network.
  4. This test page with various controls is on the way, we are deploying it right now and will be ready with our next release.


Thanks for the reply, I couldn’t see a link to the roaming client for a iPad/iPhone, I will have a look on the store.

I will check back, it may not be pending anymore

Ok I read the message and realise I had to send an email to get this pending status fixed up, I have only just sent the email, I have got a reply yet

I am testing it on my iPad to start with

We don’t have iOs support. cDome endpoints run on only Windows right now. iOS and Android endpoints are on development right now.

Thanks for the information

OK so just double checking, I have got that pending status resolved but I cant get it working. With the iPad I assumed that if I manually set the DNS for the wifi connection it would go through dome but it doesn’t appear to, have I missed something or will this only work with windows and that is all?