Field to pass Runtime Arguments when Running

I fear this is more of a feature request but the most frustrating and limiting part about the procedures is having to clone every procedure that I only need to change a small part of when running it against a group or device.

I write generic procedures so that the first variables defined are defined are what is unique about the command to run and clone it but I find as I am using Comodo more and more the amount of cloned generic procedures will become unmanageable.

Python has amazing ability to parse arguments easily and simply accessing the sys.argc and sys.argv[1:argc] for the advanced scripters is already built in to python and requires nothing from you guys on that side but what is lacking is anywhere to provide arguments to a procedure.

Is there a possibility of having an inout field that field that is for script arguments so that the procedure can grab them out of the argv if they are added onto the command run and leave it to script writers to deal with how these will be parsed and used? Many of my needs simply require the value passed but a more advanced use of Param=Value Param2=value might suite other scripts but the procedure writer can deal with that and describe the art format in the comments for the procedure.

This would be HUGE and has to be limiting a lot of people so I wonder if and when this change was possible.

Also as as I am assuming submitting the run procedure with devices selected is possibly sending a pythoni argument to the RMM service is there a url style format that this could be forced manually if the Python script knew to check argc and argv?

thanks and amazing job on everything I live and die by the product and spread it’s praise everywhere

Hello @moedje

First of all thanks for your input and your praises for us. We are estimating the needs of our customers and we have alredy put “Parametric Procedures” to our roadmap. Your recommendations about how to pass parameters will be fruitful to improve the existing feature definition, so many thanks!

I am expecting parametric procedures to be delivered in the following year. In order to increase the priority of feature items, now our customers have chance to upvote feature requests. Here you can vote for parametric procedures:

Best regards,
Product Manager for Procedures.

Good Morning! I’ll second this request. This is thus far the thing that is most frustrating to me. For instance, there are scripts to reset a user’s password. It would be AWESOME if we could enter the user’s username to be reset at the time we run the script. As it stands, you must clone the script, change the username in the script, save, review, and approve the script before you can reset the user’s password… Then you end up with a cloned script to go back and delete or leave the folder cluttered with old unused scripts for resetting individual user’s passwords…


I could be mistaken, but I believe this is coming in the update next week?

Remote Monitoring and Management
New Features

  • Send parameters to procedures. From now on, you can use parameters inside script procedures and select them when running your procedure.
    • Easily define parameters inside scripts by writing itsm.getParameter(‘parameterName’)
    • Set type, label, default and possible values of your parameters
    • Configure parameters while running the procedure.
    • Simple and effective. Go ahead and check it out under procedures.

eztech, you are absolutely correct! It appears that they are, indeed, making some really good changes in this update, including parameterizing procedures!!! Thanks for the reply.

Yes development of the platform has picked up speed and they are really improving. I started with them a year ago and although it has been bumpy at times, they are quite committed to getting it right

Hi @moedje

we have a good news for you. Now, we are providing the parameter passing feature in ITSM script procedure from this July release.

Kindly refer to the following Wiki guide link:


Please update the Feature Voting list to mark this as completed:

@amcssit ,

We thank you for spotting this detail. Our Product Team had updated the page. :wink:

@Jimmy If anyone wants to be a real “MSP Hero” then trawl through the forum and the voting pages - there are a number of requests/features that have now been implemented, such as,, and any topic where a script has been provided, tested and confirmed working, such as

Is there a way to move posts to another forum Section? It would be useful to have another Section that held all the topics that had been actioned/closed. That would build in to an impressive list that clearly demonstrates your “we’re listening” culture. It should be split between script requests and feature requests. This would be a good place for forum users to search before creating a new topic to see if their query/script request had already been provided.

Also on the subject of forum maintenance, can duplicate posts where OPs are asking for the same feature or improvement be moved to the same thread? It would make your life easier in terms of responding to OPs and posting updates and our life easier as forum members in keeping tabs on updates and responses. For example, in this topic @Rick_C has also answered the query raised here

Hello @amcssit ,

We really appreciate your insight about the improvement of our forum site.
Script request section and feature request section are separated already.
For script request you can directly post your request here;
while for feature request ;

For now, if there are ops/ sub posts that are similar or related to another, we will transfer it ( depending on the case ) to the proper forum page or we can link the proper page where they can post it.
Please note that there are lots of forum users which are requesting different features. In case of Rick, the gap of forum posts are 6days and there are lots of features already requested within that gap.
The least we can do for now is to transfer it to the appropriate section ( example : feature request section ).
Moving forward, the idea is excellent especially the section that will hold all the topics that has been implemented/closed already.
Rest assured that we will raise your insight to the proper department.

Thanks @Jay . Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant the Actioned/Closed suggested Section should be split between the Scripts and Feature Requests, I know the current topics are already split.:slight_smile:

Although, tbh, I wish all Feature Requests were ONLY on the voting pages and we had more votes available as this would help indicate where users’ priorities lie.

Hello @amcssit ,

Thanks for clarifying, rest assured that your request will be forwarded to the right department.
On the other hand, this voting page might also help you :


I do not see why we cannot have 10 votes a month and we can put as many on each item.

So if I wanted I could use 5 of my votes on one item and spread the rest across others. Once my 10 are gone for the month that is that.

Next month I get 10 more to use as I please. Doing this means I could waste all my votes every month on one item but it would push it up so it did get done if you get what I mean.