File & Folder permissions after install of Comodo Security Client on workstations

So, after installing the Comodo security client on a number of workstations last night, today, a number of employees are getting error messages when attempting to run softwarre that uses files or folders on network drives

see attached screenshots

error message.JPG

Hi @holmesshanea, if the software that employees are running has a green boarder means that the application is running on containment. This needs to be white listed as a legitimate program. Kindly try to white list the program if it is being contained. Here is a help link how to White List files based on File group:

Thanks, I was able to fix it with
Configuration Templates\Profiles


and unchecking these:

Filter IPv6 traffic

Filter loopback traffic (e.g. 127.x.x.x, ::1)

Do protocol analysis

Enable anti-ARP spoofing