File transfer not working

Trying to use this feature but it does not work on several devices since its looking for an A: drive.
the devices does not have that drive and it keeps popping up with an error saying
"Operation cannot be performed. Drive not ready.

This goes on until I manage to hit ok and be fast enough to hit the X to close the windows.

Hello @smartcloud ,

Thank you for your message. I’ve relayed this problem to our development team for further investigation. Our support team may request to contact you to collect any logs or any further information for investigation.

Thank you for your patience.


Senior Product Manager

Let me add this: I only tried this and got the error on virtual machines.

Hi smartcloud, please respond to the email we’ve sent you asking for details about the issue you’re having. Thank you.

Hello @smartcloud ,

Our team has accepted this case as a bug and are actively working on this with high priority.

Until we release a fix, team suggests a temporary workaround that you may use as one of the options can be temporarily disabling the floppy disk in the guest OS settings VirtualBox.
There is usually no need to use floppy in guest OS, even for server OS but VirtualBox can add floppy by default. So if this is not mandatory for your environment, we suggest to disable the floppy disk temporarily.

I’ve also attached a screenshot for reference.

Please let us know whether this works as a temporary workaround for you.



We are using Hyper-V and I could not see an floppy drive in the settings.

May we suggest simply removing the drive letter ‘A’ (and perhaps even ‘B’) using the available methods in Windows (or third-party applications).

Hello @smartcloud ,

Please find the instructions for hyper-v - removing floppy disk :

Hope this would be helpful.


Thank you but hell no.
We are not editing the registry because of Comodos poor development practices.
We have 100+ virtual machines.

Hello @smartcloud ,

I understand your concern.

As I’ve mentioned this is just a temporary workaround that development team suggests if you need to get the tool working on the assets that have floppy disk before we release the fix.
Currently, I see that the development for this fix is in progress.

In addition, we are looking for a way to handle this through an automated script, we’ll have an answer on whether this would work on Monday. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused by any means.


Hello @smartcloud ,

We have verified with our automation scripts team that we can write a script for removing floppy drive from hyper-v assets and you can run this directly from Endpoint Manager as a temporary solution.

Is this something that you’d be interested in until the fixes completed on File transfer end?

Please let us know and we’ll initiate this work for you immediately.


No thank you.
I am not interested in messing with our infrastructure to get your software working.

I appreciate you reaching out.

Altering a working setup to get a AV or monitoring tool to work should not be a suggestion.

It’s great everyone is helping, but the application needs to correctly work.

Any updates on this?
When can we expect to see this working.

@smartcloud ,

Our Development Team has confirmed getting its resolution included on June’s release.