File transfer notification

There are times where I need to transfer files without the users knowing for security reasons. The File Transfer option is great, but it appears that the File Transfer and Remote Control notifications are tied together. Meaning that as long as you have the notification set for remote control, it prompts the user when doing a file transfer as well.
Is there a way to break out that the notifications so that there is an option for both notifying the user for Remote Control and notifying the user for File Transfer. Which ultimately would give us the ability to prompt/not prompt for remote control and prompt/not prompt for file transfer separately.

Hi @phil.tukey
The notification generated by the ‘file transfer’ function is by design as it is initiated (or accessed) through the Remote Control application. The settings that are set in the ‘Remote Control’ section of the associated profile will be respected by any current (and future) function of the Remote Control application. Of course, simply choosing to set it on a ‘Silent Remote Control session’ (in the associated profile) will eliminate any client-side notifications.

We did notice in our simulation that a second notification was generated for the ‘file transfer’ action after the ‘remote control’ action was initiated on the endpoint in a single remote session. The same two notifications were generated if the two actions were reversed (that is, file transfer first then followed by remote control). This can definitely be improved by not sending any notifications after the first one has been approved by the end user (as long as they are in the same remote session).

Then, there is always the ‘Remote Tools’ route if you do not need to remote in to the endpoint itself to perform file operations.

We will forward your observations to the product development team for further review. We also would like to point out that improvements to the ‘File Transfer’ function will be forthcoming in future platform updates.