Filtering/Sorting Across Comodo One UI

It is frustrating when dealing with a large number of endpoints to not be able to filter/sort the list of devices in random spots throughout the Comodo One UI. For example, when looking at a list of upgradable devices for a third party application in the Patch Management component, it isn’t possible to filter or sort the list of upgradable devices by name. This means lots of scrolling and checking boxes, when a filter would let us check them all at once. Can this be added?

Hello @at211
Indeed, adding more ways to sort through the available data in the Endpoint Manager will be a big boon to MSPs / IT Managers. Based on the product roadmap, this QOL improvement with the ‘filters/sorting methods’ is included in the mid-term (6-12 months) implementation timeline.

@at211 I raised this with support and have been told this is on Long Term - i.e. more than 12 months!!! @Rick_C which is it mid-term or long term - either is actually too long!

Hello @stevens_pete ,

Thanks for your feedback, Our product management team is still working on the request to prioritize it with the others received.
Rest assured that we`ll send you an email for any important update or if there will be a change again on the implementation timeline.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter.