Firewall off showing as alert even if Policy turns it off

I’ve turned off the Comodo firewall in my default Workstation profile. Now it’s showing alerted in red on the client computer and the Device dashboard.

This isn’t good since it makes the customer thing they’re not protected.

Can this be made to reflect the policy and only show alerted if it’s supposed to be on and isn’t?

(We use the Windows Firewall to protect the machine)

@Durham_Computing ,

Please note that disabling the Firewall lessens the protection that CCS offers. We have sent you a private message in regards to your query.

I have raised this a few times and it is meant to show what the policy states but still does not.

We all understand that no firewall means less security, but we all know that this mean reliability on networking.

Sorry guys, but two things that are a must is :-

  1. Status on CCS match policy
  2. Firewall that works