Firewall Popup svchost.exe

We have a number of clients, and our own staff who use Comodo Client 10, however, one use (me) has a continually re-occurring popup for svchost.exe application.
No matter what I do, Allow, Allow and remember, Treat as, Allowed application etc, it re-occurs at about 10-15 minutes intervals.

I have completely … damn it’s just done it again! … uninstalled the software, and re-installed to no effect.

Device Win 10 Enterprise 1803 - other users have the same.
Network 192.168.0.x - other users have the same.
Network is LOCAL not the internet

Has anyone else had this issue, and is there a resolution?

Attached image, I can do that every few minutes if anyone wants me to :frowning:

Hello @Grafixation_Kelty,

We appreciate for letting us aware of the issue that you are dealing with the CCS application. For the alert, we recommend applying the changes via the device profile. Please refer to the guide below on how you may apply some changes to the firewall setting.

Thank you and please let us know if the given guide works for you.

Thanks for the help, it seems this may have been due to over zealous settings within the Firewall settings as you suggested