Firewall Walkthrough with Example

Good Morning

I am fairly new to Comodo ITSM, and this is the first time i am trying to configure the firewall. I have a number of new rules to add, but was hoping that someone would be able to provide me with a walkthrough for allowing an App through so i can relate the settings to what i already know. I have viewed the KB articles on the firewall, and whilst they explain what each setting is, they are missing a realworld example for it. If someone could provide me the steps to allow access to a SQL Server running behind a Comodo firewall on port 1433 from all LAN addresses, this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

Please refer to these links:

Firewall Settings:

Creating and Modifying Firewall Rulesets:

Step 1 - Select the application that you wish the ruleset is to be applied.
Step 2 - Configure the rules for this application ruleset.

Please let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.

Many Thanks for your reply Jordan

I have already reviewed those articles and am still at a little bit of a loss. Are you able to provide step by step actions for a real world example so i can relate that to other firewall products.

For example, we have a customer that runs a Windows PC with SQL installed. They require LAN access to the SQL Server on port 1433.

What do i need to enter into to allow this connection to work for the LAN:

  • Application Rules
  • Global Rules
  • Rulesets
  • Portsets

I have tried using ‘Safe’ mode to see if the SQL Server is marked as a safe application by Comodo, but it doesn’t appear to be. When i enable the firewall in ‘Safe’ mode, it blocks communications, if i disable Comodo firewall, connections work for the SQL Server.

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

Please go to Configuration Templates>Profiles>select the name of profile>Firewall

  • Application Rules - click add>Type new file group target or select existing>click ok

  • Global Rules - click add>firewall rule

  • Rulesets - click add ruleset>firewall rule

  • Portsets - click add>enter port (1433)

  • Application Rules - to block/allow access to some addresses/ports only for some application(s)

  • Global Rules - to block/allow access to some addresses/ports for all applications in both directions (the highest priority)

  • Rulesets - the set of rules applicable for application rules

  • Portsets - the set of ports that can be used in application or global rules.

Please be careful about global rules: all conditions in one rule are combined by logical AND operation.

Please let us know if this helps. Thank you.

Thanks for your response Jordan, but i’m still lost. The rules are much more granular and fragmented than many firewall systems out there. I frequently use Router based firewalls and the setups of these are much more intuitive, such as identifying the source and destination, the service and the zone.

I will attempt to set these rules up on our development environment and come back with any further questions.