For whome the bell tols?

Important question - for whom created C1? If only for IT-departments - C1 is almost good. How about service centers? Using C1 at service center is not possible at all.

Is C1 interested to cover SC needs? Should I write here what functionality is needed to cover SC work? Is any body at this forum who also works at service centers?

If YES - will write here needed functionality and utils, if not - we going back to Google Script developing.

Please tell us exactly what we should have to cover the needs of a SC and we will get it put in C1.

@Sergey First of all thanks for sharing the information. Secondly, the workflow photo is a little grainy. Will you be able to share a Visio, pdf, doc, etc. type of file that is better readable?

We will work on getting this additional functionality into the Service Desk Module.

Process schema was created with online service, but this forum engine dont allow to attach source file. Link to this file: http://cloud.xn----7sbbc9aeemctded8c…EiF2AOp6YIte2H At link - diagram.bpmn. It can be opened with online service or install Camunda modeller software.

(Russian domain names forum dont allow, attach link at punycode format also not possible, attach source *.bpmn file - not possibe).

@Sergey I have successfully downloaded the diagram. Thanks.