Force Client to Poll / Check In / Update Profile

Hi there,

Is there a way I can force a client machine to “check in” (or poll) the ITSM for updates?

For example, I’m rolling out the Endpoint Protection to a bunch of endpoints, but doing it in 2 stages - first the ITSM, then deploying the protection from there. I’ve had some machines take their time getting the protection applied. In this case it’d be nice to be able to walk up to that machine and run a command that forces an event that forces the client to check in with the controller.

I haven’t been able to find anything that suggests how to do this (if it is possible).

Also, how often should the devices be checking in with the controller?

Hello @Owen_C ,

Good day!
You can simply select all devices and hit refresh device information under Endpoint manager to force an update on the devices.
You can find as well the settings here: EM portal>settings> portal setup> client settings >client configuration.