Force patch scan on client?

How often does the CCC scans for patch changes? and can I force scan through the ITSM somehow?


Hi @Noiden
The Patch Management pulls the patches list from the Windows Update service of each computer. This means once a day just like what is set up in Windows Update’s default setting. A force update scan from the ITSM is not possible though. A workaround is to remote in (or run a procedure) on a device to manually check for updates. But the updated list will only be for that device.


Ok, It would be nice with a command to force this on every device to make the ITSM agent to pull the command.

Is it not possible to run a procedure on multiple devices at once?

Hi @Noiden
Yes, it is possible to run a procedure on multiple devices at the same time. You can even set it to run on a schedule if you wish.

One thing I forgot to mention about the workaround is that manually checking for Windows updates can take some time to complete. It is strongly recommended to let the ‘default’ ITSM method handle the task.