Force Reprovision of ITSM Profiles

Please advise (or provide a script) to force a full synchronisation of associated profiles. I have had a number of devices recently say that they have successfully provisioned a profile, but the settings changed have not been applied. Believe this is when building a new profile and making frequent changes.

Hello @curatrix_pl,

We have submitted your request to our script developers for review. We will keep you posted on this forum page for the further update on the script. Thank you

Hello @curatrix_pl,

We are updating you regarding on case “Script Request: Force Reprovision of ITSM Profiles”. We have been informed by our development team that ITSM agent applies profile settings and ensures the changes in the devices for every 5 minutes. Hence, we believe that there is no need for a script for this purpose.

Also, it is not possible at the moment to work with profiles using script. ITSM does not support. We have also sent you this information via email.

Looking forward for your thoughts.

Apologies for the delay in coming back, however, from my own experience, this is not true.

I am currently working on a new device that has been installed clean this morning. This device reports on the ITSM that the Associated Profile is ‘Successfully Provisioned’ yet, some of the settings placed in the profile are not being applied on the device. UI Branding settings are the most obvious setting not applying.

Hi @curatrix_pl ,

Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email to address your concern. Please reply at your own convenience. Thank you.