Forign language patches again

Its back.

Fix it AGAIN please.

Hello @smartcloud,

Thank you for notifying us. We have informed our ITarian Team to review your reported issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible.
Email should be coming from

Thank you.

Any updates to this problem?

its getting old having to deal with this AGAIN and no response.

Hello @smartcloud, we have sent a follow-up request to the ITarian Support regarding on this issue. Email should be coming from

Thank you for your patience.

I dont have time to be your beta tester over and over again for the same issues.
This has been a ongoing problem for over a year now.

Its now November and we are still having the same issues!!
Any update?
With all the fun of charging for the product we have already started to look at other products!!

@stevens_pete ,

We have coordinated with our Itarian Support Team to help you with your concern to investigate further.

@stevens_pete , we have created a support ticket to investigate this issue and fix it. You will also be getting the confirmation email regarding it and we will continue to assist you through the ticket.

@smartcloud I have been chasing this issue for 16 months now and have a reply from support

We got an update from the back-end team that it is expected behavior as most of these updates needs manual translation and cannot be translated from Microsoft website automatically.
So our back-end team is working on this issue for a solution and you will get the notification if there is an update.

thanks @TommyHD but not quite the response we are looking for!!


Microsoft already have all those patches in English, the language we use.
So why do they need to be translated?

Makes no sense and its the first time that been claimed.
I have reported this several times.

Not waiting anymore.

We are experiencing this issue too, not a major issue but does help if we can read information from ITarian portal instead of Google KBs all the time.