Form, Communication Client for request tickets

There is a way to modify this form? i need to add a category selection of service affected.

Hello zoteksystems,

Thanks for your post. We will come up with a case ID for you to followup up further.

Hi @zoteksystems, modifying the form isn’t possible.

I have wished for any ability to modify this form since day 1. They have previously said it was on the roadmap but unsure when. The ability to submit tickets from the communication client is one of the best features, please give us the ability to customize it!

@eztech ,

Absolutely, we have not received an updated timeline for these improvements. Rest assured that our Product Development Team will provide an update once made available.

The ability to have a different user and information on the client ticket request would be great and has been asked for a long time.
Hopefully with all the changes happening things like this will now get done


@eztech , " The ability to submit tickets from the communication client" this feature is on our raodmap, I will inform you about release time.

@zoteksystems , Can you please give more detailed information about your request?

Thank you for your patience.

@zeynepyildirim ,

​​​​​​​the form is to general, and when the user create the ticket, there is no auto assignation, and i have to enter on the website, to re-categorize the ticket,