Forum Feature Request - Paste pictures from clipboard


A nice feature to the forum is to be able to paste screenshots/pictures directly from clipboard instead of first saving the screenshots and then upload them.

Just “Copy to clipboard” from your Greenshot, Snipping Tool or whatever and “ctrl+v” in the textbox here at the forum to paste the picture. :cool:

Thanks. =)


It’s sent to webmaster now. =)

Hmm, I have not heard anything about this from the webmaster.

Hmm, I have not heard anything about this from the webmaster.

Hello @Noiden, we have contacted our WebOps team with regard to your request. We will try to have a response the soonest.


Hi, @Raymond_Co
Any news on this?

Not sure if this chat is about my request to be moved to the US server, but I received an email with a link leading me to this chat. Can anyone confirm for me.

Hello @src
Your request to have your C1 account be deleted so that you can use the email to sign up for the USA region version is still being processed.

For the email that you received pointing to this specific forum thread, feel free to ignore it as this is truly not related with your original concern.

10-4, I assumed this forum was a mistake. Any idea on the slowness of the process?

The email should be available soon @src .

Is webmaster awake yet? =)

@Noiden ,

Our WebOps team had acknowledged the request and we are currently waiting for an update.

Hi @Noiden
Ofcourse you can copy and past images from clipboard to textbox. Did you get any error message or notification could you inform me?



Hmm, when I do that, nothing happens.

I have to add the image through the image icon in the “editor bar” and then upload the image.

Ahaa… I could not paste directly in the text field but from “Paste from word” box…it worked.

But I can’t post reply because I get this error message,

Error while saving content: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 2 column 5 of the JSON data

Trying again and got this error,
Maximum number of characters exceeded. It cannot be more than 10000 characters. The current number of characters is 10463

@Noiden Could you explain me how did you copy image or from where? Actually you can copy and past any images to textbox from internet (I mean, when you see any image on browser and right click and copy). But when you want to add any images from your computer, you have to upload it.

@naklovan I’m using Greenshot to make a scrot from an area of my screen and then I choose to copy that image to the clipboard and then paste it in the box.

Weird, I could right click and copy image from chrome directly in this text box, but not from Greenshot.

Same “error” when using Windows Snipping Tool.

I really need this function, it’s so easy when you wan’t to report something, to just paste the image instead of saving and upload the scrot.

It works fine on other places, that also using CKEditor.