Forward email and use originators email address.

It is very common for our clients to email their favorite tech directly. What we then do as a workflow is forward the ticket to the service desk email. Is there a way to forward the ticket and use the originators email address as the ticket owner? I am not sure how to do this.

Currently what happens is we forward the ticket. Then we go in and edit the ticket requester to be the collaborator, then remove the collaborator. It is a bit more work than it should be in my opinion. I suspect there is a flow or setting that would do this, but I can’t seem to find one. Any suggestions?

@itnv ,

Forwarding the ticket option is not yet possible. Our Product Team is working on making this functionality visible in the production environment. We’ll gladly send you notifications and updates concerning this feature functionality.

Any update on this? I am still being forced to use FreshDesk for this functionality.

@itnv ,

We apologize about the delay in our response. As of the current progress, this feature is now under our Developers Roadmap Timeline implementation within a midterm goal ( 6-12 mos. or maybe sooner) We will gladly provide feedback with an update the soonest time possible.