Forwarding email address is bouncing


I’m trying to set up email-to-ticket in the service desk.

When I send an email to the forwarding address I get a bounceback. The emails is;

550 5.1.1 <ticket+mydomainhere5be0273fb521b@itariancommunicat>: Recipient address rejected:

I’ve tried different accounts, and even asked someone else to test it in theirs, and it doesn’t appear to me just me or the domain.

Any ideas?


@oliverm ,

We will create a support ticket for investigation in reviewing some settings you have created on your Service Desk Portal. A possible similar report had been raised earlier and we will validate if the scenario is similar to yours. Please check your forum registered email for further correspondence.

@Jimmy ,

I’ve reached out to support via e-mail but just wanted to comment here as well that we are also affected by this same issue.

@Kristan ,

Thank you for bringing this attention. We have escalated your report to our Product Developers for further troubleshooting.

I’m facing the same problems, this happened after migrating from the comodo to itarian.

@cooperbr ,

Our Development Team has identified some users affected by this issue. We will create a support ticket on behalf of your report and will collect some account information for investigation.

Hi @cooperbr , @Kristan @oliverm

Good day. Our Development team had announced the deployment of the hot fix for the Service Desk bouncing email fetch address has been completed. When you have the time, please check and confirm from your end.

Looking forward,

Thank you.

@DaveHD I can confirm that the issue has been resolved on our end. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Kristan ,

We are glad to hear from your report. :slight_smile: