Forwarding tickets to external emails

This is kind of the process I’m envisioning:

  1. User emails and ITarian creates a ticket through fetching.
  2. Agent sees the ticket and can’t answer the question, but knows can.
  3. (ITarian user) forwards the ticket to (who receives it in email format)
  4. replies to the email and sees her reply in the ticket thread
  5. uses the reply from as the resolution and closes the ticket, giving his answer.

Is this possible in ITarian as it currently exists? From what experimentation I’ve done so far, it seems impossible to forward a ticket at all, only transfer the ticket to a different ITarian department, which is not sufficient for what my organization needs to do.

The ideal you have is interesting but is it really the realm of a help desk?
We often use third parties for cabling or quotes etc, and we use email to communicate with these people, and then copy the email into the ticket as an internal note so all staff can see what has been done.

When the reply is received reply added as internal note and client updated in reply section with solution.

It’s what you are doing but using the system so the client only sees the info they should.

It’s in the realm of a help desk of a smaller nonprofit organization such as the one I am a part of. With a much smaller budget and staff, we’re forced to lean on third parties (or at the very least other areas of the organization that we don’t have time to train in ITarian) for answering some questions. We get all sorts of questions from the general public since we’re a nonprofit, and very few of them can be answered by our Technology staff. That’s why it would be nice to be able to forward tickets to third parties and keep all the information in the ticket itself for future reference (and accountability) rather than in a separate email. That’s why I was wondering if it was possible in ITarian as it currently stands. It’s not necessary as an ITarian feature for most, but it being possible in ITarian would keep us from having to purchase an additional platform to handle this capability.

TLDR: nonprofit organization is too small, so Technology staff needs to have capability to send questions to third parties (not in ITarian) to be answered and track the correspondence for accountability.

Hello @STarLord ,

Thank you so much for the feedback, it is very valuable for us to improve our product. We are trying to deliver your request as soon as possible. I will inform you about release time.