FR: Desktop templating

Hi! Idea and feature request: Desktop templates.

We need in set of elements at end-PCs desktops, set of common shortcuts and widgets. For example:

  • PC info - name, name in Acronis web console, name in C1's ITSM device list
  • Support team contacts - phone, email.
  • Shortcuts: Link to SD, office shortcuts.
Different PCs roles - different sets of widgets and shortcuts. Here we need profiles. When we change profile - all linked PCs synchronising with this profile.

hmmmm… while I writing this… it possible to do with owncloud or dropbox :slight_smile:

But, Comodo and MSP-mans, what do think about this?

Hi @Sergey,

We will have our support team look into adding shortcuts and widgets for commonly used elements.

We already have profiles and roles that you can configure through ITSM. If you already have a role assigned to you, your roles will be attached to any PC you use.
The configuration profile for the endpoints will always stay with the endpoints using the assigned profile.

You can learn more about the configuration profiles here:

Here is our help guide on roles:

We will also send an email to keep you updated with the feature request.

Thank you.