Free disk space report

Maybe I missed this but I can’t find a way to create a report that will display all drives with less than 10% free.
Maybe not all drives but at least C drive.

Would be nice to have it auto run and be able to run it when needed.

Do you have something like that?


For this specific report, it is not yet present on the C1 portal. This functionality is listed on one of the few reports being developed by Product Team to available for use. We will provide you a notification once this arrives on the production environment.

Any idea when this will be available.
Its probably one of the most important reports we need.

can you not write a script to do that for you?

If you are asking me if I can the answer is no, I have no idea how to extract data from your system.
It can’t be a script that runs on each device, that would take forever to complete even with only 100 devices.
It should pull from the portal data for each device and we need to be able to set criteria like drives to pull and % or gb left.
Looking for a report for all and not a report per device.

Not sure i agree…
the data is with the endpoint…it has to make its way to portal from the endpoint…whether a script or something else sending it doesn’t matter…I believe scripts can easily do it…i asked our team to create the script and see…scripts can run in parallel in N number of endpoints.

If you have a 1000 endpoints do you really want a script that gets data from all of them or a script that grabs all the info from the portal. It will take a while to run a script on many devices owned by many different companies. While do that when all the info is already in the portal? Makes no sense.

where will portal get the information from?

the portal already have this information. Is uploaded from the CCC to the portal.
Login and take a look at a device thats not been online for a day or two. The portal still has disk space info.

how will portal get it in the first place?

Are you just being argumentative?
If not then learn how you system works.

If you got something to say then say it.

i am trying to explain that the data has to come from the endpoint at some stage…
So whether you use a script or something else doesn’t make a difference…something has to run in the endpoint and must send the information to the portal…the data doesn’t just appear automagically in the portal…it comes from the endpoint…that was the point i tried to make…As to where the data is stored is what you seem to be suggesting…not “obtaining it” but “storing it”…which is a different issue…So for obtaining the data, one can use scripts…to store is a different issue…You were conflating “storage” of the “obtained” data with “obtaining the data”…which I was trying to explain is two different issues. Therefore you were saying “script” will take a long time…script is NOT the problem here…where you store it is…hope this clarifies…(i was trying to get you to see the point by asking stepped questions to get you to see the point…which i failed).

I see why the platform is so slow to develop.

The data has already been stored in the C1 portal, its a part of the CCC.

So the issue isnt about storing the data.
Running scripts on a multitude of devices when the data already exist makes no sense. It takes time and resources.
A report you can run every day to show you drive space using certain criteria is very frequently used and needed.

Why in the world would you run a script on hundreds or thousands of devices to get the data you already have?

Maybe we are cross talking…
If you have the data what is the problem? Ability to filter it based on %ages?

Hello @smartcloud ,

We took your request and mapped in our roadmap. We will be informing you with updates. We have also an item in our roadmap about Real Time Monitoring Dashboard inside Comodo ONE. We will be including your request into that feature also. In addition to that, currently we have a monitor regarding disk space, if you want we could also put classification about the drives that you want to monitor inside this monitoring conditions.

You could use this monitor for now to get alerts for disk usage on your device.

Here is the help guide how to use disk space monitors -

Best regards

Hello @smartcloud ,

Please refer the following link for an script that will generate disk space report for all devices as one report
Please provide your feedback.

Thank You.

That failed on over 40% of devices.

Department: Maintenance

Type of ticket creator: PROCEDURE
Event Created at: Thu Jul 19 15:02:06 2018 GMT+0
Device Name: SIT-0
Logged on User: N/A
Data: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 351, in
File “”, line 186, in publish_nonhead
File “”, line 138, in Drive
UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘total’ referenced before assignment

Device Data
Domain/Work Group:smart-mail.loc
MAC Address:00:15:5D:6E:70:C4
Serial Number:2925-6481-1627-6517-0642-6256-17
Operating System:Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise (x86)
OS Service Pack: N/A
Company Name:SmartMail
Brand:Microsoft Corporation
Model:Virtual Machine

Hello @smartcloud ,

We will rectify the error and update you once its completed.

Thank You

There are scripts and alerts you can configure, but no actual report.
The data is already stored in C1, just not accessible.

Hello @smartcloud ,

We have updated the script in accordance with your comments please refer the following link for the script
Please provide your feedback.

Thank You.