Free Network Analysis and Security Assessment tool

Hi Guys,

We would like to create a tool that will enable you to offer a Free Network Analysis and Security Assessment to prospective clients.

We need feedback about what you want to see in this tool please.
Or any other ideas about what kind of tools we should build for you so that you can show your value to a prospective client. We want to make you look good so that you win more business.

Please tell us all your requirements, ideas for this.


The tool should help analyse the network and assets used by prospective clients.
It could also be used with existing clients to highlight areas for improvement.
Ideally all devices on the network would be discovered, not just workstations and servers.
Reports, ideally they could be branded with the MSP’s name, logo, branding.
Reports could cover:

  • Brief risk summary
  • Complete network assessment
  • Details of all assets
  • A report covering changes, more used for existing customers, could highlight changes that are not allowed to the network environment, end user workstations..
Just some brief thoughts. Will add more soon.

Would you be kind enough to expand on what you are saying, so that we can try to create a clear requirements out of your ideas please.

thank you.

We use rapidfiretools currently. That is an excellent tool for network analysis. Examples of their reports can be found on There is a finite amount of data that can be grokked from a network that is useful and there are a ton of tools out there that provide similar functionality. The reason we purchased this tool (aside from a glowing review from Amy Rutt) is that it is not solely a network analysis tool. It creates a database of information and provides different “heads” on the database. It allows you to wear the hat of salesperson and create sales based reports. It allows you where the hat of a consultant and provide advice and it allows you to wear the account manager and provide reports and updates.

It seems to me that the RMM/Patch management tools could provide this data already or could be modified to collect it. It is important to note that a full installation on each machine isn’t going to work. A single installation on a DC that goes out and collects data on all machines is the only way to go here. As for a tool for the consortium I would like to build on the sales end of the tool. I would like to be able to create a sales workflow from prospect to onboarding that allows the sales person to have branded material appropriate for the stage in the sales cycle. As a secondary goal I would like the reporting to be integrated with data from the trouble ticket and patch management side of things so we can have a single place to create reports for clients.