FREE UTM (Enterprise Firewall) for your customers? interesting?

Hi guys,

Would your customers benefit from a free UTM (enterprise firewall)…afterall

You can pay Checkpoint,
You can pay Fortinet
You can pay Sophos
You can pay Watchguard OR…
You can get it for FREE from Comodo

please give us your feedback.

I have used Untangle, at different locations.

Interested - all I can see is a one month demo on the APP store is that the same as the free offering?

I would be willing to try it out, at a location, I have a location that needs a UTM set up anyway.

excellent, please let us know what you want to see in it.
Also we have the central management capability to manage Many of our UTMs from one central interface that is coming shortly…

we have 3 offerings…

1)Korugan Appliance: (the hardware appliance)
2)Korugan VM: (The VM version that has url filtering etc) (1 month trial) …you can download and install this…no need for hardware
3)Korugan Lite: same as korugan vm but doesn’t have URL filtering and containment (as these cost us money and can’t offer it for free, but has everything else and its FREE…)

I will try to set up a test system, within the next week or so, to see how it compares to untangle.

hey BOSS, it’s nice to hear that. How do you plan to deploy Korugan at your location ? Alongside with Untangle or standalone ? While testing, I recommend you to check out Korugan’s network management abilities and unified policy management approach. Also you should definitely compare Advanced Threat Protection abilities. It can fit into all sorts of network topologies, ping me if you need any help on configuration.

You can check how Korugan Lite(the free UTM) and Korugan VM(Bundle package in SW form) compares from here :

Korugan Central Manager, will also be available on the App Store soon. If you have both the Central Manager and Korugan VM together, it’s actually going to be a really good package to start managed firewall service, as it requires no investment at day 0.

I will set up a test network, maybe a separate VLAN, to try out the features.

Have had a demo of the product and pricing from UK distributor. Waiting for my client to approve order of the appliance model. Will update on progress soon. Have not tested the VM version but will do so when have some spare time.

Hey Mikael, yeah I recall our session. Once you got the approval, feel free to contact me for accelerating delivery/installation/configuration .