Gateway Timeouts Upon closing tickets

Since the update, any method used to close a ticket results in a “gateway timeout”. Whether closing in mass, or closing from within the ticket or by selecting the “close upon reply” checkbox on a ticket, The ticket IS closed when you perform the function but the gateway timeout happens each time.

Also, when closing multiple tickets at once from the home page, only the first is closed.

Hi @ktaylor
We have received reports from multiple users of the Service Desk being ‘slow’ to respond or would simply time out. These reports have been forwarded already to the product development team for further analysis. A support ticket will be created in your behalf and will be added to the other submitted reports.

I’m pretty sure it’s no coincidence that the Comodo One Dashboard and it’s inability to sync with the ticket count in the service desk is related to the timeouts. Logic tells me if there’s a mechanism that interfaces/communicates with the dashboard and that channel is somehow severed after last weekends upgrades, it would explain the immediate timeouts on any closing function performed in the service desk. Seems like a logical “here I am” flag to be investigated so we can close tickets over here without a timeout each time.

I should actually be more accurate, the system isn’t timing out… it’s saying " 502 Bad Gateway


@ktaylor ,

We thank you for sharing the details of your observation. We will gladly confer your analysis to our Product Developers and get a detailed answer for input. Your reponse is very much appreciated

Hi @ktaylor ,

The issue " Gateway timeouts upon closing tickets in SD " has been resolved. Please check and confirm on your end. Thank you.

Sadly not, we have just experienced the “Bad Gateway” issue as in 5 minutes ago…

Hi @Rhipkin ,

We’ve reported this case to our Developers and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible through email. Thank you.

@ktaylor @Rhipkin

​​​​​​​Our Developers informed us that the issue " Gateway timeouts upon closing tickets in SD " has been resolved. Please check and confirm on your end.

This is still not fixed. Same results. Gateway timeout

@ktaylor ,

We have coordinated with our Product Team to review your reported issue. In-depth analysis is being conducted. We’ll make sure to provide their feedback as soon as possible.

Sorry guys, still an issue here too, just had a few this morning…

Hello @Rhipkin

Thank you for reporting case, we want to further investigate the issue and support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.


@ktaylor , @Rhipkin ,

We have sent a follow-up email in regards to your reported issue. Please reply at your convenience.

This was fixed for a bit, but I guess whatever changed in the last update, broke it again. (see original complaint from October) Can someone please resolve this and then push the change to development so each time they run an update it doesn’t break again? Please create a ticket for me to this end.

@ktaylor I logged a ticket yesterday with support regarding speed issues on SD.

Hello @ktaylor,

We have communicated to our development team regarding on this issue with gateway timeouts. We also put the case on the highest priority possible and sent you an email to keep you updated.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

@ktaylor @Anna_C I have been in contact with the SD team and since last weekend’s update to the whole platform it is definitely running faster.

They installed a hot-patch for my particular case.

The entire platform seems a bit slow in the last month or so for me. Timeouts on tickets. Expanding the view from 10 tickets to 20 or 30 is slow as well. Gateway timeout is still present.