General Help for Comodo One

I’m new to MSP software but have looked at several other systems over the past year.
i’ve had a couple of remote walkthroughs with a helpful Comodo staff member but would appreciate if somebody could answer the following:
1: Can see the potential of the system but probably, like most of us, don’t want to spend a great deal of time learning a system that Comodo will suddenly make a paid option or withdraw fully. i realise they need to make a profit and I don’t mind paying for a service but it’s difficult to see their endgame if many of the products are free.
2: The AV product, that appears to install by default, how much is this? Server and endpoint security free? When and how will this be charged?
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Hello @a1pcs ,

Thank you for your feedback and interest! We will get back to you on this.

Hello @a1pcs ,

First off, thank you for your interest in Comodo One. I’m glad to hear that you’re already in touch with our Product Engineer team to learn about the functionalities of our Platform.

In regards to your questions, within Comodo One Platform, all of the management tools you need to run your business will be free of charge for lifetime. You will have the RMM capability within ITSM, Service Desk ticketing system, Patch Management, Quote Manager, CRM, and the Comodo One Tools (Network Assessment tool, Comodo Cleaning Essentials, File Hunter) free of charge for lifetime for partnering with Comodo.

We are trying to build a true partnership where we can grow together. We believe that the management tools you need to run your business should be free of cost. We want to help you reduce your cost and enable you to increase your revenue. How? We will enable you to expand your product portfolio. We want Comodo One to be your go to platform for all of your business needs starting with your management tools. I’m not sure if you were able to explore within our app store but in that section, we have many Comodo security solutions as well as third party security solutions that you can offer your clients to expand your business. We will continue to grow our app store and get you the solutions that your customers need. This is how we will grow together.

As a partner, you will receive enticing discounts on all the security solutions offered through Comodo One and make a profit. Partnering with Comodo will cost you ZERO dollars and because you chose to partner with us, we will provide you with the management tools at no charge for lifetime. With the security solutions you can offer to your clients, both you and Comodo can grow together and make money. There is no catch.

In regards to our Advanced Endpoint Protection (not just AV), we provide you with 1 month free trial. It’s a paid service since it’s a security solution that you’ll be providing your customers. As far as pricing, depending on which type of a partnership structure you choose to join, you will receive different percentage discounts. Once again, partnering with us doesn’t cost you a dollar. Let’s discuss further the pricing structure for the security solutions offered within Comodo One via a phone call. Please let me know the best date and time to reach you.

Thank you,
Comodo One Management Team

Thank you for your detailed reply CigdemT - I’ll be in touch.

@a1pcs Anytime! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me personally. =)

Looking forward to hearing from you!