Getting RMM Management Console

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You can find a basic guide to get RMM Management Console and start using it.

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Getting RMM Management Console.pdf (157 KB)

broken link

Hello @sege5641 ,

I have just downloaded the .pdf using the link above, it worked just fine. Please try using a different browser, the link should work.

Tried on two different computers with Google, Firefox and Opera still doesn’t work. A blank page loads that’s it.

Hello @sege5641

Please try getting it from this link instead:

Just a latest update for folks, the link is working as of today.


Dave Oliveira

Yeah, but I can not get the old console to run, I have got a network error, for the last couple years.

Eh, I guess it’s labeled “old” for a reason then? :slight_smile: ::Shrug:: But no, if they say it’s still supported I hope you can get some support on that issue my friend! New to these forums and just thought I’d update on the topic of people not able to get the attachment downloaded, from years back. Hope you stay safe during these times and hope to see you around more on the forums!