Getting tickets from an profile monitoring I have deleted

I have deleted the “Recommended Performance Monitoring”, the one with RAM and CPU from the profile I’m using for servers but I still get tickets and notifications from that monitoring.

Here is the monitoring from the profile, it’s just monitoring if the HDD get full now,

And here is the profile associated with the servers that still sending this monitoring that isn’t in the profile anymore,

Hi @Noiden
It is possible that the endpoint where the monitoring alert is coming from may have been assigned more than one Profile. Please do double-check the Device Group Membership for this endpoint(s). If the endpoint is a member of more than one device group, you may have to remove the others. OR if this endpoint is supposed to be a member of more than one device group, you may need to check the other device group(s) for any associated Profile (that is, assigned as default for that device group). Simply remove (or modify) the default Profile from that device group which effectively removes it from (or modifies it for) all endpoint members.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need further assistance or clarification. Thank you.


It is just in the group it should be and has just that profile it should have and that profile should not send those monitoring events. I tried to remove it from all groups now and added it again, see if that helps.


I think I found the problem, that server that’s still generating reports is running a “Monitoring Removed” which is the old “Performance Monitoring”… How do I remove something that is removed and still running? :rolleyes:

Hello @Noiden ,

Thank you for reporting this issue.
I will create a support ticket to further investigate your concern.
We will get in touch with you shortly.