Grouping by OS


I have pushed out comodo ITSM to a large number of devices to monitor, however, i am finding that some of the devices are running windows XP! (yes i know!)

anyway most of my custom monitors fail to run on XP, is there an easy way to filter by Windows version so that I can move all XP machines to a separate group (with a separate profile for each customer ?



Hello @dbettens ,

As of the moment, the only filter we have on device List is to separate OS to OS by clicking on the funnel icon on the upper right side and clicking the OS then Apply filter.
Good news is, we have a similar feature request already shows in the roadmap to indicate the OS version under OS column of Device List in ITSM with 2019Q1 release date.
But in the meantime, you can utilize script that will help you to get all the windows operating system version details of selected devices or all devices as one report and sends an Email

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I need something similar, a report to list the specific versions of an operating system. Preferably a report which takes the data within the Comodo One platform. Not a script that runs on all devices as some devices might be turned off.

Hi @mhberglund ,

Yes, we have the exact feature request for this kind of report. A feature on Comodo One platform that can provide a summary/ list of each and every device’s operating system version without using a script. Our Developers are currently working on it and we will reach back to you with more updates regarding the development progress as soon as possible.

I will also send you an email to add you in the loop or if we need more information to help you with this.

Did this ever get completed - search by Windows and then version would really help cut down support time …

hello @stevens_pete,

Ability to filter device list by OS version will be available on 2021 Q3 (September release). In the meantime, you can export Device List and filter by OS and OS Version (build number) columns.

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