GUI customisation

Has anyone had any luck with uploading a logo?

ive tried uploading a 150x90 PNG with no luck.

@StrobeTech ,

You’re image format and dimension is on the right track. Are you getting an error message upon loading the image? Just to be sure that you’re not missing any detail please check this helpful guide for reference

I followed the guides, the issue only displays file import error or something similar.

No help or fix on this?

Hello @StrobeTech,

We will forward the issue to the development team for investigation. We will send an email to keep you updated.

Thank you.

I to can’t get this working. It says c:\fakepath\ even if the file is on D !!

Hi @dittoit . We apologize for the inconvenience that this might had caused. We had forwarded this report to our Comodo Korumail Development Team for their assistance. I will send you an email for this case as a reference for this reported issue. We will continue all communications thru email as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

As far as I know this has never worked. The only way I could do it was via SSH and replacing the default logo with my own.

Hope this helps.


The problem is with a bug in the interface, it will be resolved in the next update.
Solution: ssh the device and
run this command.
sudo chown -R tomcat:tomcat /opt/korumail/etc/gui/*

try adding the logo again later.

ok, I see someone has done this for me on one :slight_smile:

another question, can we force updates (Build) as the 2 I am running are miles out, 1 have just updated to 6.6.5 and the other is still on 6.6.13

6.6.5 To make updates on the server manually.
1 - Connect to server with ssh.
2- Run sudo korumail-update6613 -y
and restart system.

I get :
/opt/korumail$ sudo korumail-update6613 -y
sudo: korumail-update6613: command not found

I need to force a check and install.


sorry i wrote wrong command :slight_smile:

This is the correct command.
sudo yum install korumail-update6613 -y

Hi @dittoit and @StrobeTech . Our Development Team had just informed us that the issue with the GUI customization in Korumail will be deployed on its next version release 6.6.14 which will be available to production by the by 30th of March 2018. I did send you a message to your corresponding email addresses about this. Thank you.