Hard Disk Health

Has anyone had any success with any of the monitoring scripts that alert if any of the SMART variables indicate that a drive is failing? If so, do I actually setup as a monitoring script so that it will alert when it detects a change? Can any of these scripts work on servers running RAID?

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We are glad to help you here. Favorably we have a script for your request that tells SMART status as an alert. Will test the server environment as you requested and give you the positive result.

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Not sure how the scripts will work in an hardware raid environment. When i get my new U320 disks for my test platform I plan to play with windows server to see what I get.

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Thanks for joining with us. Could you please share your experience on this,What kind of critical situation did you face while this setup ?

When you have a raid controller and raid setup, you do not always have direct visibility of the SMART status.
In face some system such as Scsi and SAS may not have smart at all.
So with RAID you are looking for failed drives, degraded raid volumes or possible an alert “disk failure predicted”

Do we have a script that monitors raid or disk I/O errors?

@hsdssupport ,

Feel free to check these https://scripts.comodo.com/frontend/web/?search=disk+errors&sort=order&per-page=10 . Please give us your feedback whether these suggestions were able to suffice your query

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Kindly please refer this script that will tell you the SMART status for available disks :


For RAID configuration : Please ensure that SMART is enabled. If not, Enter into BIOS Setup, Enable it then run this Script.

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Not all arrray controllers pass through smart information…

@rockowwc , Array controllers are only to manage the implementation of the RAID. However, RAID will be having multiple merged disks which then used for saving data’s. So, SMART will retrieve all those disks as a separate one and pass through every disk to analyze and will generate the report about health status.

SCSI drives do not have SMART at all…
Smart is SATA Specific…


Kindly please have a complete look on this :


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And it says in this as well
“It is unlikely that a hardware RAID controller will directly support smartmontools. A SCSI RAID controller is a virtual target device that essentially remaps the SCSI commands it receives to the physical disks on its internal buses.”

Yes, @rockowwc . The result way is closed for SCSI but it seems it can acheieve by defining a command as SAT instead SCSI. Here you go :


SMART can show logs for SCSI but that’s not actual health status. By defining as defined above, it may possible.

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