Hardware question


I’ve got a simple question regarding something that’s still bothering me:
Can anyone name me a few basic and most relevant hardware components in a computer?

hi @ailan

please do find the below answer to your query

  • Motherboard. The motherboard is the computer’s main circuit board. …
  • CPU/processor. …
  • RAM (random access memory) …
  • Hard drive. …
  • Power supply unit. …
  • Video card. …
  • Network card. …
  • Bluetooth card (or adapter)
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Hi @nivedithab ,

Thanks for your answers.
Of course these are the main basic things, and I’m glad you mentioned some.

How very odd is it that the reports from the portal results in a very bad, unusable report?
The report is named: ‘Hardware inventory report’ but it only reflects the following:

As you can see it only displays the CUP and a mac address.

This is very very very poor and little information regarding the hardware.
I find it very strange how someone could create such a report, and name it ‘Hardware inventory report.’. And that such a report had been approved to implement.

For a platform that says: " IT Management Platform for MSPs & Businesses" this is not a report you can use.

I tried to generate a report for a client with all his computers but that was a fail.

You can’t select the group or client. A poorly and dirty Excel file is generated with ALL the devices, randomly after each other, and no usable hardware info!!

I ended up by doing a hardware inventory myself because the reports from the portal are still unusable and very bad… Can’t be named a report!.

Can this be changed?

We need a decent hardware report with your earlier named characteristics as a minimum.
And that you can select which group or client to be inventoried.

Hope you see my point and take this up to the right department.

The generated report now is unacceptable for a payed platform.


hi @ailan

thank you for the details, request you to drop all the details to our support email address support@itarian.com to take this query further for checking feasibility.

Hi @nivedithab ,

Can you just show them this post or foward it?
This is not a personal request but just to let you see the shortcoming and unusability of the report.
It has already taken too much time for me so I’m not going to make request etc…

The devs should have noticed already from the beginning that this report could not be treated as a ‘hardware inventory’ with nearly no hardware info in it.

None of the components you named, besides the CPU, has been taken into the report. So you can conclude that the generated report can not be taken serious as a hardware inventory report.

I’m just pointing this out so you could conclude yourself and forward it internally to improve the report, or delete it. Because now it’s just a joke.
We all want only a better platform. Such basic features should work from out of the box.
The fact that such a bad thing is implemented should be fixed internally and not from a users request.

Please take it up internally and improve the reports.

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hi @ailan

I will check with the team for feasibility with existing reporting system, if not available in existing system and needed we will take your suggestion in Feature request. Thank you

hi @ailan

I have checked with the backend team and they have shared their feedback below, please find the same for your reference.

hardware information can be got from the next places:

  1. Via export device list:

  2. From Reports Menu > Hardware Inventory Report, from where you got this report:

  3. We can generate hardware report on backend - see an example, which data it includes:
    Available option for its scheduler:

So, if this report, which can be scheduled on backend covers your request, please let us know account admin in order to identify your account and suitable week/days, when you wants to get this report, and email addresses, who should get this report - our team will schedule it.

If shared report doesn’t cover your requirements, you can raise FR using the link:

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Hi @nivedithab ,

Thanks for getting back.
Option 1:
Export will generate a csv file from where you have to search and extract info yourself.
A lot of the system info will be exported, but it’s still no hardware inventory list.

2 and 3 doesn’t look like the options that I have:
2024-02-29 20_59_01-Xcitium Platform

If I select ‘Reports’ (1) and then ‘Generate Report’ (2), I can select ‘Hardware Inventory report’ (3).
After that it will start generating the file immediately.
No scheduling options.

But that doesn’t matter since you say the output will be the same.

I hope you can agree with me what I tried to make clear:
I’ts called ‘Hardware inventory report’. Isn’t it?

Why can’t you see a summary of the hardware?
Only the CPU.
See your first answer: a hardware inventory should include your first answers as a minumum.
The generated file is useless and can’t be taken serious as a (hardware inventory) report.

The name of the report doesn’t reflect the content!!

I only wanted to say it to so you can correct/ improve the report.
Or delete the option because it’s useless.

I’m not going to create a fr for this because this should be basic stuff.

The person who created this report and named it should improve this because the name doesn’t cover the content.

A decent hardware inventory should include:
-your first answers as a minimum.
-You can select a group/ client/or select devices like the first option (1) mentioned above.
-Output as CSV or a HTML page.

I hope you see my point and take it by heart and fix it.

hi @ailan
could you please share you account admin email address , so that our team could check further on the details. I will also share the feedback to the team to look into it.

Hi @nivedithab,

I don’t think that that’s necessary because I don’t need the scheduling option.
The content of the report will still be the same if your team will check my account.

But please let the team look at my feedback regarding the content of the so called ‘hardware inventory report’.


hi @ailan

Apologies for the inconvenience, as of now we do not have the feature which you are looking for, that is the reason our team had suggested a sample report which could be enabled for you. In case if that report is not your requirement , then we would request you to proceed with FR as our development team will look into it on the road map in the future.

Thank you

Goodmorning @nivedithab ,

Sorry for the miscommunication.
I wasn’t aware that you needed my account name to enable a sample report.

But I don’t think that’s necessary because my point is very simple:
The platform has a report named ‘Hardware inventory report’, but there is no hardware info in it (besides CPU info).
So the report is unusable and the name doesn’t cover the content.

In your first answer you already mentioned some components what Hardware should comprise.

So my point is:
Change the report so it can be used as a ‘Hardware inventory report’.

How simple is my question?

It’s not only for me so it’s not something that has to be checked in my specific account.

Everyone, including you, can see the resulting report.

Just generate a ‘Hardware inventory report’ and tell me if you find that that can be named as such.
If you want to see the details like you stated in your first post, can you get that out of this report?

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Hi @ailan

I understand your concern, as I have mentioned in the above message we can either enable the available format of the report and if it not up to the requirement then we request you to proceed with FR creation which our team will take it further.

Hi @nivedithab ,

I will DM you my account info so you can enable a report.


hi @ailan

thank you for sharing you account detail, I will forward the same to the backend team to enable the report format for your account.

hi @ailan

the Beta Reports have been enabled for your account and can be found on EM Portal > DASHBOARD > Reports > Reports Beta.

Hi @nivedithab

Thanks for enabling the beta reports.
What I do like is that you can select one or multiple clients.

These reports are still not usable:

In the first default report I could only see the processor type.
In these beta-reports I can see CPU (ok, it’s null now), system serialnr, OS, RAM size, used diskspace, used RAM and Manufacturer.
But still no:

  • CPU type (it’s null everywhere but that’s just a missing link I think)
  • Harddisk (total size).
  • Networkcard model.
  • etc (the more hardware components , the better)

A lot of unusable information is also in the report like CCS versions and Reboot info.
For a hardware inventory report we don’t need all these info…
Create another report for that if wanted.

The effort to change the look to make the report more imposing with icons etc, is making the report too big. A lot of empty spaces.
I tested it on a client with 2 computers.
I ended up with a report of 6 pages!
And still without a usable report.
Another client with only 18 computers generated a report of 38 pages!!

So please, please, keep it simple.
A hardware report without extra info but only the hardware:
Computer name
CPU type
Total RAM
Total diskspace(s)
Networkcard model(s)
Computer model and Manufacturer
maybe some more hardware info.

Max on 2 or 3 line per device so it’s easy to read and compare.
No fancy icons etc.

Is that possible?

For the ones who want to see how the beta report looks like for 1 system:

So, the beta report can be useful if some info can be omitted and some other arranged.

The other option to save the report in csv file is still too much work to dig through manually and extract info by hand.

hi @ailan

thank you for the suggestion , I will also forward it to the backend team. Request you to raise FR for the report changes requirements which you are needing from the available beta report.

Hi @nivedithab

You can disable the beta reports because I’m not going to use these.

But in case you want me to test improved beta reports, please let me know. In that case you can leave the option enabled.

sure @ailan
you can have the option left if you would like to test the reports.