Has anyone had any alert related problems with Service Desk?

I haven’t been receiving any alerts via. email whenever a user submits and creates a ticket. I’ve been looking at the settings in the admin panel and they seem all in order.

The strange thing is when I go to diagnostics under the Emails tab in the Admin panel, it will send a test email to my personal email address but not my work email. I’ve tried different email addresses under our work domain address, but none of them have gone through.

I’m not sure what is the problem. Does anyone have any similar problems?



The issue you are facing has not been replicated on our side. We have sent you an e-mail in order to further investigate the issue.

I did have this problem, a day or two ago. I did not realize it until a bunch of tickets came through today.

@Wyatt , thanks for your response and letting me know. I’ll keep looking at the settings and try to resolve it. Thank you.

@BOSS, I’m guessing you don’t have this problem anymore? What did you do to resolve it, if anything?

No, issue resolved itself. Like I said, I didn’t even know there was an issue, until I got several tickets all at once.

Hello @Ming ,

Could you please delete the current email settings and recreate them and let us know if this will fix the issue?

@Nick, Do you mean the settings in Admin Panel>Settings tab>Emails Sub-tab? If so, when I click on “Reset Changes”, it doesn’t change anything.