Have a file trusted on one company but not on another?


Lets say I wan’t to make a file trusted in company 1 but not in 2.

Under “Security Sub-Systems > Containment” I can just make files trusted and I think it will be trusted in both companys?

Maybe this is something you can do with some kind of blacklisting instead? Say company one 1 wan’t the users to run Spotify but not company 2.


2017-11-01 21_56_41-IT and Security Manager.png

Hi @Noiden
This can be easily achieved by assigning a customized profile for each company. The default profile (customized or not) provided with the C1 platform is not necessarily the only profile that is needed to be run on all companies/device group that you currently have or will have in the future. The settings on one profile can be vastly different to another if you choose to do so.

What you need to do though is to not utilize the ‘Trusted’ rating but instead utilize a whitelist/blacklist. You will just have to focus your tweaks under Containment → Rules. Please do check the links provided below on how to achieve this:

Managing Default Profiles

Viewing and Managing Profiles Associated with a Device

Configuring Containment Rules