Hello everyone

Ex Labtech and Kaseya just trying to get my head round Comodo!

European MSP focussing on helping companies benefit from the amazing range of Cloud services now available.

ITarian Salute to you our fellow ITarian :slight_smile:
We are always here to help you. Just ask any questions or if you need any scripts written to automate your business, just let us know, our ITarian Script Superheros will write it 100% free for you!

Hello fellow ITarians! I am ITarian’s CEO Eduardo Cervantes. We are working hard to build the best management platform to make your job easier and you more successful. We realize that being IT Gurus in your company can be thankless and all consuming. We hope to become your “acolytes” (ac·o·lyte), those assisting you “Gurus” in running your IT environments smoothly and effectively. Please count on us as we are help to be helpful to you!

Hi Quinny, welcome! :slight_smile:

Our team can get you up and running, whenever you’re available - 24/7/365. + 1-833-579-3572 (toll free)

Hello. My name is Peter. I am new to this forum. I will be glad to meet you.

@PeterHicks We are happy to set up a time to walk you through the platform. Please feel free to call us to set this up 1-833-579-3572 (toll free). Just let us know what works for you. Thanks Donna

Hi All,

Welcome to the world of Itarian!

The platform and community are here to help you become an Itarian and manage your clients efficiently.

If you need any help please ask the team or other members via the forums and we will all do our best to help.

In regards to the security products which are Comodo based, this is a paid set of products that integrate wonderfully. If you need any help with licenses for this let us know and we can provide these for you.