Hello everyone

Hey my name is Rob and were adopting Comodo One in our company, Hart voor IT B.V.
Dutch company and we have IT members that are all self employed and get services from us to again give to their customers.

I’m facing a few things and hope to find the answers here.

@robvantilburg ,

Welcome aboard to our forums.:slight_smile: We understand that you are having challenges in getting our product rolled out. Please feel free to provide us your queries and we’ll make sure to get these answered to the best of our knowledge. If you do have additional questions that might be account related queries, you can as well reach us via support email @ c1-support@comodo.com. We also provide Product Demo via our Product Engineers.

Hi @robvantilburg

Good to see a fresh new company on the forums.
I’m hoping your experience so far is good and if there is anything we can do please ask or post on the forums as we have an active and good community here.