Help, New here and lost...

a) I have added an App. How do I send this app now to one of the devices?
b) I am using a free account, how many devices can I run?
c) will it expire?
d) There is a tool from Apple, called
Apple Configurator 2
which allows you to create config files. For example you can create a new WiFi profile, add SID, password, WEP etc. and save it. It creates then a xxxx.mobileconfig file.
This file you can send or copy to any iOS device and “read”/apply the config.
With MDM tool from Meraky Systems manager you can attach such *.mobileconfig file and deploy it to a device. How does that work in your Tool?
e) another question: under configuration templates I created a profile with e-mail config section, how do I apply this on one of my devices? If I click make default, ALL devices will receive it, BUT I would like to configure WHICH one should get it, how?

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @Skyguard
Thank you for contacting us regarding Comodo ONE. See below our answers to your inquiries:

a) iOS Apps and Store

b) As many as you want to enroll in your C1 portal.

c) The free account license will renew itself after 365 days. If there would be any problem with it, you can simply contact us. See Viewing and Managing Licenses.

d) Our ITSM does not have such a capability but it can compliment the config created by the Apple Configurator 2. See next answer.

e) The key here is Profile assignment. You can assign a profile to be used on one device group and a different profile on another device group. You can even assign a profile on just one device (ex., the restriction on a CTO’s iPad is most likely to be very different from his/her secretary’s iPhone). See Profiles for iOS Devices.