Help section and Supported OS's

Hi Guys,

the help section stills says 10.1
also under the system requirements there are no servers listed?

am I looking in the correct location?

can you point me in the right direction for supported OS’s of servers and CCS versions :slight_smile:

Cheers James.

Hello @dittoit,

We thank you for sharing with us your observation for these links / help guides that were still not updated. You are looking on the correct links. Rest assured that this will be forwarded to our product development team. We will also create a support ticket for this case shortly. After the team has reviewed this behavior, we will pass along any additional updates ASAP.

Hi @dittoit ,

We’ve been informed by our Developers that the help section is now updated with the new CCS version 10.3.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else, thank you.

Most of the guides are now out of date, I raised the KoruMail one last week.


We’ll advise our developers to review the help guides and revise the guide. We’ll send you a support ticket.